Terms and Conditions

1. Our sales and quotes are subject to the following terms which are believed to be known and approved by the buyer.
2. Any order made through this webshop is considered to be valid.
All listings of products, abilities, prices and delivery terms are made by the seller according to the information he has at the time of the order. Any changes that are not caused by the seller, and the spirit of the order will remain true, must be accepted by the buyer.
3. Delivery terms are for information only and are not binding.
4. Changes after order, requested by the buyer, must be recorded in writing and signed
By buyer and seller, indicating any change in price, delivery period and other terms.
5. We reserve the right to charge the goods as their delivery, even if it is only partial, if a partial delivery is not paid on the due date, we reserve the right to destroy the balance of the orders.
6. In the case of a breach of the agreement by the buyer, the seller shall pay compensation to the seller, agreed on a flat rate of 30% of the purchase price or the sales amount.
7. All amounts will be increased by any taxes, such as VAT, taxes, etc., which may be imposed or enforced during the course of the performance.
8. Subject to contradictory and written agreement, all our invoices are payable in cash and at the home of the seller or in bank account, stated on the invoice.
9. Payment of the invoice sent must be made no later than 30 days invoice date. After the expiry date of the invoice, the buyer is liable for the entire invoice amount of 1% per month or part thereof, by law and without notice. In case of default, the buyer will owe a lump sum and non-refundable damages equal to 10% of the total amount due due to the buyer for any reason and without notice or notice.
10. The goods remain the property of the seller until the date of the complete settlement of the invoice. The goods can be withdrawn after simply registered letter without entitlement to compensation
Head of the seller.
11. The buyer may under no circumstances impose his own purchase terms, without prior agreement of PerfectLights GCV, with an order.

12. In case of disputes for amounts <1.250,00 Euro, Hamme's Peace Court is entitled, for amounts> 1,250 euro, the Court of First Instance of Dendermonde is authorized.